Cam Gallery

CAM GALLERY specializes in servicing, offered with the utmost skill, which includes:

  • Accurate restorations

    With a 40-year long experience the restorations are done by ourselves and in our seat. In case of very detailed and minute restoration works, we avail ourselves of master restorers who live in the same places of production of the artefacts, in Anatolia and Caucasus. All the carpets, at your request, can be picked up and delivered to your home.

  • Precise washings

    According to the different kinds of carpets, and after a detailed analysis, we make a specific and complete washing. Our washings consist of three important steps. The first step is to do the dusting, gathered in time, in the different ply of the carpets. The second step is the specific handwash, which changes according to the kind of carpet, and it is almost always made by water. Then a disinfesting processing against each kind of parasitic.

  • Survey

    We make survey of each kind of carpet, marking the distinguishing features of the carpets and establishing the value of them. It can be made for every purpose, legal, insurance or purely personal.

  • Deposit

    In every season and for the needed time you can deposit your carpets with us. We will take care of them with the maximum professional competence and assurance.

  • Furnishing advice and free quotations.

    With a long experience in this field, we give free advices to your home, about the kind of carpet to choose, how to place them, which colours and patterns to prefer, in order to match the carpet and the other home furnishing. We also give free quotations for the restorations and the washing.

  • Exchange

    We exchange your carpets, without any value limit, when you decide to redecorate or integrate your furniture with some examples of ours.

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