The business of the Cam family was born on 1971 in Padua, as an handicraft workshop, at the beginning committed to restoration, conservation and the service of the carpet in general. But soon it developed and became a commercial reality mostly devoted to find and import carpets from all over the world.

The continuous seeking of the quality combined with a careful and constant service, contributed to get the confidence of many customers, from many years. Its passion, together with our acquired taste and aesthetic sense have conduced to find and show the most beautiful carpets which you cannot see elsewhere.

Thanks to the continuous presence in this field, assisted to the experience of our seekers, it has always helped to find the real quality carpets for people who are not content with little but want something exclusive. The search and the aesthetic sense, together with a 40-year long experience are in service for all the people who want to have experience of the beautiful world of carpet.

The perfect knowledge, improved year by year, of all the wool and cotton textiles is always handed down inside the business and then taught to all the clients. The collection of the Cam Gallery includes typologies of artefacts which are very popular with a demanding public.

Carpets which offer good and original solutions for the everyday life, thanks to the many motifs and colours which satisfy all the needs connected to the home furnishing. These are not objects just to step on, but especially to enjoy in the every-day home life, moreover they are the best investment in time.

Its business philosophy is based on the double choice of keeping an handicraft collection, which stress the details and the good quality of the antique and original examples on one side; on the other of looking for innovative and high quality solutions for the floors, which can answer to the demands of the home furnishing world.

All the models respect the main goal of Cam Gallery, that is to offer an original high quality product, which meet the requirements of the public, and aimed at granting comfort and functionality, without forgetting the aesthetic value that every piece should have.

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Cam Gallery