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At the time of your purchase we deliver to you the manufacturer’s certificate. The certificate has a dual importance. On the one hand it represents the identity card of the carpet. In fact we write out all the data of the artefact : the origin, the exact typology, the period of production, the exact size and mostly the fact that it’s a genuine specimen and entirely hand knotted. On the other hand it indicates the value of the carpet and how much you have paid for it.

TThis value will be immutable in time; the amount you will pay in that occasion, will always be recognized and it will be a starting point for a future value. In fact, if in the meantime the condition of the artefact is still good, its value will never go down. This written value will be very important especially whenever you will decide to exchange your carpets with one or more examples of ours, in our showroom. But it could be useful even for other purposes as a declaration to your insurance company.

All that is because we consider all our carpets unique and inimitable, and they absolutely keep their value every year. So we have the maximum consideration and respect for all our products.

Moreover all our items are guaranteed in accordance with the articles 1490 and 1491 of the Italian Civil Code.

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